It brings me much joy to finally present to everyone my new branding. This has been in the works since around the beginning of the year and now it is pretty much complete. Through fellow photographer Brett Butterstein (extremely talented individual) he led me to an amazing company which led me to more amazing ones along the way. First the work began with Flosites. I called them and spoke to Ross Tanner, and from the beginning everything just felt right. The vibe, the professionalism, everything gave me the feeling that I need to look no further and get the ball rolling immediately. After many questions, Pinterest boards, and brainstorming. They presented me with the concept.logo1

The items above are from the sketches that they provided me and it shows the evolution of the RB symbol from its inception. The moment I saw this, it honestly felt like Christmas morning and that feeling you get when opening presents. I was blown away by how quickly they got exactly what I wanted.


The sketch turned into several variations of the interlocked letters, but to my amazement, Version 1, was the one that immediately caught my attention. Here is the neat part in my opinion. Once they selected that one they created the entire logo, and again Version 1 was the winner in my eyes as you can see below.



So once all was created this was the final product as seen below. I was speechless seeing my vision coming to life, complete amazement and fulfillment.  The entire presentation was so perfectly done. To top it off Ross helped me in creating product pricing sheets with such ease and professionalism without hesitation. Ross is also an amazing photographer (Ross’ photography site).02-RandyBorges-Styling



So to complete the vision I wanted to reinvent my dated cards which I had initially created. Ross pointed me in the direction of Zida Borcich. I research Zida and found an online interview. That online interview was all I needed to see to understand that she was the person that I wanted to create the masterpiece of my business cards. Zida runs Studio Z Mendocino a letter press shop which is simply outstanding. The detail in their craftsmanship is seen in every bit of the work they provided to me. So I will finish off this post with a few images of the cards, along with new pieces that you can expect from my services.






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