As a photographer you come across many different people. Some are very prepared for the big day, and some are not. But thats ok. My goal is to make you feel comfortable on your special day and here I will go and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

How did you end up shooting weddings?

I always had a love for photography, but it became extra special when I got married to my wife Raysa. Seeing what my photographer Riccis Valladares was able to do using a film camera intrigued me very much and so I started dabbling with small events just to see if the interests was there. Needless to say, I never have looked back and I enjoy every moment that I get to spend on the big day.

Describe your style in a few words

I have a free flow approach on the day of your wedding. Although most of your day will be planned I like to photograph it in a way that you get to enjoy the most of it. There will be moments that I will guide you in to carry out some traditional poses in a non traditional way. Don’t be worried if you see me moving around, climbing into odd areas to get a shot…more than likely something pretty amazing will have developed through my lens.

How do we meet you?

Well some of my clients don’t live in the Miami area which is not a problem. Luckily technology allows for us to setup Skype sessions to see each other. However, most of my clients will sign an agreement without ever meeting myself or team.

My wedding is not in your hometown, how do we setup travel arrangements?

Its quite simple. Our studio goes ahead and books airfare/car rentals once you have approved a price. Logistically we highly recommend that you lodge us at your hotel to allow for the most time available with your party. Once the commotion of your wedding is over, the our expenses would be reimbursed.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

One word answer…Always…The story of your wedding wouldn’t be complete without having both areas completely covered.

We live in Miami and it can rain, then what?

Rain? Bring it on, I plan for the worst but hope for the best. I look at rain as an opportunity to make your wedding extra unique. I always tell my brides (and grooms), rain will not overshadow what you feel for each other so just enjoy the day RAIN or SHINE!

My friends told me that I should give my photographer a shot list..

I will send you a real gallery from a wedding so you can see what is covered. We pride ourselves in being very thorough. The only time we need a list is when it comes to family portraits. Our advice is to have the maid of honor handle getting the right people together to ensure all family members are present. A good time to coordinate all of those group shots is at your rehearsal dinner.

Do you photograph by yourself?

Depends on the event, but for the most part I have a second shooter with me at weddings.

How long till I see my photographs?

12 weeks is a rough estimate, but I take much pride in getting all of my images just right.

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