A few months have gone by since I visited Kennebunkport, Maine while shooting with the talented Maggie Stolzberg from Maggie Stolzberg Photography and Dorian Iribarren from Seaglass Studios. While scouting the location for the upcoming wedding I decided to venture off and make something extra out of the trip so I started looking at the town to get an understanding of what made it click. Immediately I noticed that lobsters were everywhere to be sold. So with that I decided that I wanted to see how the famous lobster rolls from The Clam Shack¬†were made. Not just how there were made at the restaurant, but I really wanted to get to the boat docks and see where these crustaceans came from. Around 5am I got up with Dorian and we made our way to the docks in search of the hardworking fisherman that bring the lobsters to the tables. So over the course of two days I was able to get a ton of images but I wanted to keep it concise so that you don’t get bored going through a massive gallery. Lastly I wanted to give a big thanks to Steve from “The Clam Shack” for being so hopeful in guiding us towards the docks and letting us see how “The Clam Shack” makes the best lobster roll in town. Hope you enjoy!