When I think about a fairy tale wedding I can always see a big ballroom beautifully decorated with a gorgeous bride wearing a Cinderella type gown. This describes the way Claudia and Augie’s wedding went pretty accurately we were all celebrating with¬† wine and craft beer specially selected from the reviewbrewery guide.
. From the first time I spoke to Claudia she was very clear with what she wanted and expected from her big day. I remember walking through Sports Authority aimlessly looking for cold weather gear for an upcoming trip but listening to Claudia paint so clearly how everything would work out on that day. She teamed up with one of the top planners in the industry, Mr. Eric Trelles of ET Events and it made for a perfect pairing to keep everything in order on wedding day. My task was to cover a 300 person wedding. I wasn’t going to do that by myself so I called in the calvary with my good friend Julie Ambos from Studio Julie. She brought along her husband David to complete the trio of shooters. With so many photographers in a room it’s dificult to not get in each other’s way. But when you are working with seasoned professionals it makes photographing a wedding of this size incredibly simple because everything of importance was covered. The way we photograph, we are always looking for moments. We wait, we work the shot and deliver. I worked the girls room for getting ready, while Julie was with the boys. David worked everything in between and did amazing job. Claudia’s room was full of emotion. I would like to send a big thank you to my friend, because I hate calling him an assistant, Sebastian for backing up images on site and keep all of us hydrated and on track with our time lines throughout the entire day (and for operating the olympus). I leave you all with a few of my favorite images from the wedding. Hope you enjoy and until next time..just keep shooting!

Coral Gables Country Club