When I think about a fairy tale wedding I can always see a big ballroom beautifully decorated with a gorgeous bride wearing a Cinderella type gown. This describes the way Claudia and Augie's wedding went pretty accurately we were all celebrating with  wine and craft bee
Foundation Workshop For anyone who has been to the Foundation Workshop they know that writing down their thoughts about how the entire experience is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks that you will face. How do you explain what happens to someone outside of this crazy little
The ultimate compliment to any photographer is being rehired by the same client to do another shoot. In this case I had the pleasure of covering Thais' baby shower and now we were following it up with a maternity session. We ventured down to the Redlands to work around the Knausb
So it's been a few weeks since I did the infamous Foundation Workshop. I have been wanting to write about this experience, but I hadn't really been able to put down in words how I felt, but I feel ready now. Before I begin, Brett Butterstein you were right. This experience did ch
Just a few images from my recent wedding shot at the Old Spanish Monastery. Always a pleasure working with the staff from Events on a Budget as the create the perfect settings for capturing the very special wedding day. Awesome couple to work with in Lily and Juan. Hope you enjoy