This wedding was a real treat for me. Not just because the couple was blessed with stunning looks and awesome personalities, but because the groom is a close friend whom I met several years back through our fraternity. As luck has it, I met Rebecca while shooting an event recently, not realizing that it was Christian’s fiance…Well, when I asked Christian to tell me a little bit about his soon to be wife,  it all clicked and all of sudden we were instantly connected. I tasked myself with covering both the groom and bride for this one, as I really wanted to make sure that I could capture their intimate wedding as creative and journalistic as possible. I can truly say you have two special people with this pair. Christian is a complete family guy, the way he interacted with everyone in his household showed the character that makes me happy to see in grooms. Rebecca and her sisters have a real tight bond which also showed me that family comes first. Well I have blabbed long enough, and I’m not the best of writers so I leave you with a few of my favorite images from their big day.